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What are the factors to consider when purchasing medical furniture?   

Time: 2022-07-02 17:55:16
Brief introduction:

Hospital furniture is also called medical furniture and medical furniture. With the development of medical technology, people's requirements for medical furniture are getting higher and higher. Medical furniture is no longer ordinary furniture and needs to meet a series of functions and overall aesthetics. Due to the different functions of medical furniture or the emergence of new technologies, new processes, and new materials, different combinations are required to form different structural forms. Whether the combination method used is correct directly affects the aesthetics, strength, processability of the furniture, as well as the convenience of use or transportation. Here, we will analyze the common structure of medical furniture for you.
1. Detachable structure
The detachable structure is also called the ready-to-install structure, the easy-to-install structure or the self-installed structure, which refers to the "32mm" system, which is used to combine various detachable connectors and can be disassembled and assembled multiple times. Detachable furniture is not only easy to design and produce, but also easy to handle and transport. It can also reduce the floor space of the production workshop and sales warehouse, and assemble it by the user. This mechanism is used in a variety of cabinets, including chairs, stools, sofas, beds, tables, and more.
2. Fixed structure
Fixed structure, also known as non-removable structure or assembly structure, refers to the combination of tenons, non-removable connectors, nails, glue, etc. between the various parts of the furniture, which are assembled at one time. The structure is firm and stable and cannot be disassembled again. Common medical furniture such as solid wood escort chairs.

3. Combined structure
According to the different structure of the constituent unit, it can be divided into two types: component-binding type and monomer-binding type.
Component combination type, also known as general component type or standard plate type, is a kind of furniture with different forms and uses, which is composed of several general components of agreed specifications through a certain assembly structure. For example, office chairs in medical furniture, such as its tripods, airbags, floors, armrests and other parts, are generally general parts or industry standard parts.
Monomer combination type, also known as building block type, is to divide furniture into several small units, any of which can be used alone, or several monomers can be combined with each other in height, width and depth to form a new whole. It is not only convenient for transportation and assembly, but also can be combined according to needs, with flexible styles and strong adaptability. It is commonly used in cabinet furniture in treatment rooms, treatment rooms and wards.