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Saiford Medical was invited to participate in the 49th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair
China Home Expo (Guangzhou) is the world's largest, with the highest quality and influence, and is currently the only home furnishing expo in the world fea 
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What are the factors to consider when purchasing medical furniture?   
Hospital furniture is also called medical furniture.Medical furniture is no longer ordinary furniture and needs to meet a series of functions and overall aesthetics. 
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hospital beds
What are the factors to consider when purchasing medical furniture?   

As the main contact carrier for medical staff, patients and their families to diagnose and work, it also carries people's expectations in the process of diagnosis and treatment, so the design of medical furniture is very important.  
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Stop service center
Hospital Service Station, Nurse Station, Medical Guide Station -Stop Service Center
In order to strengthen service awareness, improve the medical environment, optimize the service process, each hospital truly implements the target requirements of "good service, good quality. Good medical ethics, and public satisfaction", improves outpatient service functions, improves hospital service quality, and saves patients time for medical treatment. To improve the efficiency of medical treatment, many hospitals have set up "one-stop service centers" commonly known as nurse station service desks in the outpatient halls of many hospitals.
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Hospital bed
4 Common Functions of Medical Electric Nursing Bed
Nursing beds are often called hospital beds. Hospital beds generally include ordinary beds, manual beds, electric beds, multi-function nursing beds, electric turn-over nursing beds, and so on. Commonly used functions such as: help stand up, help lie down, eat on the back, turn over intelligently, prevent bedsores, mobile transportation, rest, infusion and other functions.  
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Medical furniture solutions
What are the factors to consider when purchasing medical furniture ?
As an important part of the configuration of the medical environment, medical furniture is an important production tool that reflects the professionalism and work efficiency of the medical industry. It is also an appliance product that meets the conditions for patients to seek medical treatment. It has attracted more and more attention from medical institution builders, managers and users.  
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