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The Guangzhou Furniture Fair is winning, and foreign customers come to the factory to sign constantly!

Time: 2020-09-18 17:25:14
Brief introduction: Customers from Israel traveled far and wide to come to China to visit Sanwei Group for on-site inspection. Mr. Wang Shiwei, chairman of Sanwei Office Furniture, first extended a warm welcome to the customers and arranged for relevant staff to give meticulous and orderly reception jobs.
The ancient capital of the Nine Dynasties, Peony Flower City, in this season of warm flowers blooming and all things revived, Sanwei Office Furniture and Safety Medical Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the intentional customers of Guangzhou Furniture Fair to visit the factory to discuss cooperation.

Yesterday, a customer from Israel came to China from a long distance to visit the Sanwei Group for on-site inspection. The chairman of Sanwei Office Furniture, Mr. Wang Shiwei, first extended a warm welcome to the customer and arranged relevant staff for meticulous and orderly reception. .
The customer and his party are to further understand the strength of our company and conduct field visits to the factory. President Wang of Sanwei Group, Manager Zhang of the Foreign Trade Marketing Department, and Manager Wang of the Design Department warmly received foreign customers, and had detailed exchanges with them on the company's strength, development plans, and product sales.

Mr. Wang introduced the development history of Sanwei Group to customers. From the company's birth, development to growth, the development process of more than 20 years has made customers feel the tenacious vitality of Sanwei Office Furniture. Accompanied by the main persons in charge of various departments, the customers visited and inspected the company's products and production workshops, and were impressed with our company's product production, quality management, packaging and transportation!
In the face of various questions raised by customers, the leaders and related staff of Sanwei Office Furniture have made meticulous answers. The rich professional knowledge and good working ability have also left a deep mark for customers. After the visit, the two parties conducted in -depth discussions on cooperation matters and successfully signed a cooperation contract. In the future, the two parties will cooperate in more projects.
Sanwei Group has been established for more than 20 years and has been committed to the export trade of office furniture and medical furniture, and has opened up foreign markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Relying on environmentally friendly production materials , stable product quality, excellent design style, and comprehensive service system, Sanwei Group's products sell well at home and abroad, and have a good reputation. During the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, many foreign customers come to the booth to discuss order cooperation and make an appointment to visit the production base of Sanwei Group. We will welcome every customer with the most professional and enthusiastic service!