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Soul of Engineering Department of Sanwei Company-Wang Hongjie

Time: 2020-02-29 18:37:45
Brief introduction: Wang Hongjie continuously improves and independently develops the automatic phosphating electrostatic spraying production line and electrostatic spraying production process, and establishes a professional database for cold-rolled steel technology. The database integrates product function and precise quality requirements. Innovative processes ensure that every product maintains first-class quality.
The accumulation of history has nurtured the spirit of hard work, hard work, and perseverance. This spirit has become part of Yanshi's business and has become the most valuable spiritual asset of Yanshi people.

Safety Medical is located in Pangcun, Luoyang, which enjoys the reputation of "Millennium Imperial Capital, Peony City". It is also one of the clusters of China's steel industry capital. One of the leaders in the steel industry.

In the 1980s, Pangcun began to manufacture steel products with the tide of China's reforms. The impulse to start a business has always hit Wang Hongjie's heart. Deep in the steel products industry, starting from the forging workers, in order not to let yourself relax, learn a variety of steel products professional books, familiar with the use of various tools, with a tenacity and persistence, it took less than a year to master the professional Steel production data, these precious experiences have become a valuable experience for the growth of Safety.

Back to the past As an excellent representative of Yanshang, Wang Hongjie ’s sweat-absorbed business resume notes the two characteristics of Yanshang: tenacity and innovation.

As the founder of Safety Medical, Wang Hongjie was the first to advocate the introduction of foreign digital, control, shearing, punching, and folding production line companies. Wang Hongjie continuously improved and independently researched and developed the automatic phosphating electrostatic spraying production line and electrostatic spraying production process The cold-rolled steel technology uses a professional database that integrates product function and precise quality requirements, carefully selected manufacturing materials and innovative processes to ensure that each product maintains first-class quality.

With the continuous update and development of the steel product furniture market and industry, Safety Medical pays more attention to brand building, pursues the development idea of "good quality builds a good brand", deeply studies steel product production technology and product research and development, and has successively established innovative research industrial parks. And product design institutes, and developed different "private customized" product research and development routes with other manufacturers, centered on product development and harmonious development of cooperative relations, to create more in line with corporate temperament product ideas, relying on years of quality service, help countless companies leap forward.

Wang Hongjie relied on the policy of reform and opening up, relied on open thinking and innovative courage. Through more than 30 years of development, he created two brands, "Shanwei" and "Safety", with products covering multiple industries and became a merchant A new star.