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Safeford Medical Technology New Product Release: Intensive Pathology Storage Rack

Time: 2020-02-29 18:37:45
Brief introduction: Today's contest will recommend our heavy product-intensive pathological film storage rack, is it very tall? Let's understand it together.
Selection of materials: intensive pathological storage rack, the rack body is made of high-quality "SPCC Baosteel" cold-rolled steel plate, the glass cabinet and wax block cabinet are made of high-quality electrolytic steel plate, and the surface is electrostatic powder spraying process.

Process standard:

   The cabinet A adopts the new international welding technology and the top package side technology.
   The B file is of high quality, ensuring that the dense storage rack runs smoothly after full load and moves forward and backward synchronously, and the handle shakes easily.
   C The safety guarantee of the dense storage rack when moving is that each column is equipped with an anti-tipping device.
   D Each column has a lock function.
   E can be upgraded to automatic network management of pathological files (optional).
   F High-capacity chassis and anti-corrosion ground rails, dense storage rack ground rails are laid in each row and section.
  G comes with a gap pad for each pump, and there is a shock pad as a buffer during automatic homing.
  H When moving dense storage racks, each column needs about 2-3 kg of power to drive after loading.

Each group of pathological wax block cabinets or slide cabinets have the same specifications and can be freely combined. Product specifications: Dense storage rack: 1079 * 500 * 2050 (mm) / group

Wax block cabinet: the specification is 480 * 515 * 1520mm, each set of 4 combinations, each combination of 5 drawers, a total of 20 drawers, about 15,000 to 16,000 wax blocks. Product picture and internal structure of wax block cabinet:

Wax block cabinet
The internal structure of the wax block cabinet: a group of wax block cabinets 2, slicing cabinets: specifications of 480 * 515 * 1520mm, each set of 4 combinations, each combination of 9 drawers, a total of 36 drawers, about 5.5 to 60 thousand slices.

Slicing cabinet
The product cabinets use 1.0mm high-quality electrolytic plates. The drawer has automatic homing function, the cabinet body is treated with anti-rust, electrostatic spraying technology, and the overall appearance is elegant. Both the wax block cabinet and the slide cabinet use the latest one-piece slide rails. The starting point is equipped with high-strength pulleys, and the drawer is pushed and pulled smoothly, while preventing the drawer from being pulled out too long and causing an accidental fall. It is also equipped with a high-elastic shock-absorbing pad, which can reduce the collision with the cabinet when the drawer is closed, and at the same time reduce the noise to the minimum.

Parameters and execution standards of dense storage racks.

Due to the particularity of the pathologically intensive storage rack, the track needs to adopt a new international synchronous drive system and a multi-level transmission system; high-load-bearing all-steel wheels; anti-collision buffers and elastic dustproof devices between rows; equipped with exquisite overall closing locks , Limit device, braking device, anti-falling safety device, chassis combined load capacity ≥ 1200Kg, with upgrade space for network information management, each group of cabinets can realize free combination and exchange between columns.

The technical performance indicators of manual pathological intensive storage rack equipment adopt the national DA / T7-1992 industry standard and GB / T13667.3.

The track adopts domestic synchronous drive system and multi-level transmission system, and high-capacity all-steel wheels. The surface of the 3.0mm cold-rolled steel plate of the rail seat is electrostatically sprayed. Before the spraying, it is strictly degreased, derusted and phosphated. The rail is 25 * 25mm solid square steel Shanghai No. 5 Factory, the chassis bottom beam 3.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, GB699 Baosteel The cold plate and chassis are integrally welded, with rigid feet and no deformation.

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