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SFD-H02 Adjustable Exam Bed
Product Features
Product Parameter
1. The detachable structure of the bed foot and reinforced connecting pipe is convenient for transportation and installation
2. The mattress is made of high-quality PU jacket (two colors of blue and black are optional), wrapped with high-quality high-elastic sponge and high-quality wood, the thickness of the wood is 12mm, the mattress and the bed frame are tightly locked
3. The legs of the bed are equipped with rubber sleeves, which are in contact with the ground and anti-skid
4. Blue tone, user-selected color
5. The back panel adopts the golden pull rod hinged pull-up design, the head can be raised and lowered freely, and the carrying weight: ≥240kg
6. Four-leg detachable structure
7. Simple bubble paper packaging, one piece for every two beds, the size of the package is 1920*620*350mm, and the single piece weighs 64KG.

SFD-H02 Adjustable Exam Bed Parameters:
01 /
Product material
High quality carbon steel pipe
The main body adopts the national standard high-quality carbon steel rectangular tube welded and formed, the bed frame is 60*40X1.5 square tube, the bed foot is 50*50X1.5 square tube, and the reinforced connecting tube is 30*20X1.2 square tube
Antibacterial powder coating
After the steel parts of the whole bed are degreasing and derusting by the shot blasting machine, they are treated with double phosphating + electrostatic antibacterial powder and SGS international standard coating treatment. The bed body coating has passed the inspection and certification of provincial institutions, anti-bacterial, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, resistance to color, and effectively extend the service life
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