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PX-193 Portable Gynecological Examination Bed
Dimensions: 1900*550*800mm
Product Features
Product Parameter
1. The tilt angle of the back plate is 0~70±5°, the tilt angle of the leg plate is -90°, manual adjustment, convenient and safe
2. The bed load is not less than 180Kg
3. The lower part of the bed frame is provided with two drip holder sockets, the bottom is provided with a dirt bucket placing plate, and the bottom of the seat plate is provided with a dirt diversion funnel

Parameters of portable gynecological examination bed:
01 /
Product material
Stainless steel round tube
Bed frame high quality stainless steel round pipe 30*1.2mm curved welding
High quality stainless steel plate
The bed board is 1.0mm high-quality stainless steel plate, and the high-quality stainless steel square tube is welded and strengthened. The bed board has high strength, balanced force, solid and durable
Excellent craftsmanship
The whole bed is simple and beautiful in shape and reasonable in structure. Excellent craftsmanship
Product configuration

Aluminum alloy leg support
Equipped with aluminum alloy leg support and armrests for easy adjustment of gynecological examination
Telescopic infusion rod
Optional stainless steel four-hook telescopic infusion rod
Stainless steel dirt basin
Optional stainless steel dirt basin that matches the bed
Faux leather jacket mattress
Optional high imitation leather jacket mattress matching the bed

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