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SFD-5202 Five-function Electric Nursing Bed
Specifications External dimensions:length 2150mm、width 1000mm、height 480mm~760mm,Bed size:1920*830mm
Product Features
Product Parameter
2.1 The inching button type realizes the function actions of bed body lifting, back board lifting, leg board lifting, and front and rear tilting 0-13°
2.2 Lifting height of bed body: 480mm~760mm, can be made as required
2.3 Back tilt angle 0~75±5°, leg tilt angle: 0~40±5°, front and back tilt 0-13°, calf plate angle can be adjusted manually
2.4 Carrying weight: ≥200kg; the back bed surface adopts a double support structure, which is firm and firm. The double supports are formed by cold steel stamping and strengthening.
The bearing capacity of the back plate
2.5 Up and down four-piece PP guardrail is set on the side, which can be raised and lowered. When the guardrail is lowered and contracted, it is flush with the bed surface, which can reduce space and facilitate clinical operation
2.6 There are 4 drip holder holes at both ends of the bed frame, and 4 urine drainage bag hooks are provided on both sides of the bottom of the bed frame. The drip holder can be placed at the bottom of both sides of the bed frame when not in use.
2.7 Plastic mattress rails can be installed at the rear and both sides of the bed surface. The plastic mattress rails are easy to install and disassemble without tools.) The back plate can prevent the mattress from sliding and shifting when it is raised and lowered. It can also be used as a handle for lifting adjustment Angle of calf bed panel

Five Function Electric Hospital Bed
Height of bed body:
480mm~760mm,Can be made as required
01 /
Product Material
High quality carbon steel pipe
The bed body is made of high-quality carbon steel pipe 60*30*1.5mm, double beam structure, stable and strong
High quality cold rolled carbon steel sheet
The bed plate is made of high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel plate with one-time punching and forming, and the thickness of the plate is greater than 1.0mm
New ABS reinforced plastic material
The streamlined luxury head and foot board and the new ABS reinforced plastic material are integrally blow molded. The outside of the bed foot board is equipped with an information card slot and an anti-collision wrap angle, which has anti-collision function. It can also be used as a CPR board for emergency use. The surface is smooth and tasteless. Gap, easy to clean, impact resistance, non-deformation, fireproof, stable and reliable, with self-locking mechanism on both sides, easy to operate, metal hook at the connection with the bed, easy to disassemble, with locking insurance
High quality seamless steel pipe
The movable joint of the back bed board adopts double support and unloading structure, and the supporting and rotating shaft is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe Φ32*3.0mm
Antibacterial powder coating
After degreasing and rust removal, the entire bed is coated with double phosphating + electrostatic antibacterial powder, and SGS international standard coating treatment. The bed body coating has passed the inspection and certification of provincial inst
Product Configuration

24V DC motor system
Equipped with 24V DC motor system, with CE, UL and other electrical safety certifications, EMI performance guarantee, quiet operation and no noise. Equipped with original storage battery, can work for 8 hours when the network power is cut off, the motor brand is optional
Medical 5 inch central control caster
Equipped with medical 5-inch central control casters, high wear resistance, no noise, stable and firm, pedal brake lever to achieve the brake and release of the casters
Organic plastic medical record card slot
Organic plastic medical record card slot on the outside of the footboard
High quality stainless steel four hook infusion stand
Equipped with a high-quality stainless steel four-hook infusion stand with telescopic adjustment that matches the bed
Sundries rack
Optional to match the bed
Mobile table
Optional mobile dining table that matches the bed, adjustable height, durable and easy to clean
Tri-fold mattress
Optional 8~12 cm thick tri-fold mattress that matches the bed, with ventilation holes on both sides of the mattress
ABS bedside table
Optional ABS bedside table or plastic steel bedside table, the color and the bed are coordinated as a whole

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