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SFD-E009B Orthopedic Traction Manual Bed
Specification: length 2220mm width 980mm height range: 500-780mm
Product Features
Product parameter
1. Four groups of joysticks: Hidden design, with posture lifting logo pasted to make the operation clear at a glance. It can flexibly adjust the position of the patient's back, legs (split legs), and the tilt height of the whole board frame. It adopts the limit protection device in place, which is wear-resistant and has a long life. Plastic handle (built-in metal insert) design, good grip feeling, ABS plastic dust cover, firm and flexible, no noise, easy operation
2. Back tilt angle 0~75±5°, leg tilt angle: 0~40±5°, bed frame tilt angle (head, bottom and feet height) 0~10°
3. Bearing weight: ≥220kg; the back bed surface adopts double support structure, which is firm and firm. The double supports are stamped and formed by cold steel plates to strengthen the bearing capacity of the back plate. The rocker is less stressed, and it is more relaxed, flexible and safer when shaking.
4. The side guardrail is fully covered, with a total length of 1480mm and a height of 400mm when unfolded; D-type aluminum alloy handrails, surface hardened; steel stamping base; five aluminum alloy guardrail pillars, wear-resistant, non-deformable, shrinkable and flat, It is slightly higher than the bed surface when contracted, which can prevent the mattress from shifting; anti-pinch design, high-strength fiberglass nylon fast positioning switch; beautiful and generous, with anti-collision function
5. There are 4 drip holder holes on both sides of the bed frame, and 4 urine drainage bag hooks on both sides of the bottom of the bed frame. The drip holder can be placed at the bottom of both sides of the bed frame when not in use
6. Easy-to-remove plastic mattress rails are installed at the end of the bed surface and on both sides to prevent the mattress from sliding and shifting when the back plate is raised and lowered
7. The upper traction bracket is a movable detachable structure, which is convenient to fold and assemble, and does not occupy transportation space
8. The upper traction bracket is equipped with a self-help handle to get up, which is convenient for patients to get up and move around
9. Can achieve waist, leg traction, leg traction, abduction traction

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Product material
High quality carbon steel pipe
The bed frame is made of high-quality carbon steel pipe 60*30*1.5mm, double beam structure, stable and strong. The bottom frame is high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel pipe 60*30*1.5mm
Antibacterial powder coating
After degreasing and rust removal, the entire bed is coated with double phosphating + electrostatic antibacterial powder, and SGS international standard coating treatment. The bed body coating has passed the inspection and certification of provincial institutions, anti-bacterial, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, resistance to color, and effectively extend the service life
ABS reinforced plastic material
The streamlined luxury head and foot board and the new ABS reinforced plastic material are integrally blow-molded. The outside of the bed foot board is provided with an information card slot and an anti-collision wrap angle, which has anti-collision function. It can also be used as a CPR board for emergency use. The surface is smooth and tasteless. Gap, easy to clean, impact resistance, non-deformation, fireproof, stable and reliable, with self-locking mechanism on both sides, easy to operate, metal hooks at the connection with the bed, easy to disassemble, with locking safety.
High quality cold rolled steel plate
The bed panel is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with one-time punching and forming, and the thickness of the plate is greater than 1.0mm. The movable joint of the back bed board adopts a double-supporting and unloading structure, and the supporting and rotating shaft is a high-quality seamless steel pipe Φ32*3.0mm.
Stainless steel round tube
The upper traction support is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy polyhedral tube
Product configuration

Infusion stand
High-quality stainless steel four-hook infusion stand with telescopic adjustment
Medical record card slot
Organic plastic medical record card slot on the outside of the footboard
Silent wheel
Optional medical universal silent wheel or central control wheel
Sundries rack
Optional shelf under the bed
Tri-fold mattress
Optional 6-10 cm tri-fold mattress that matches the bed, with vents on both sides of the mattress, and waterproof and wear-resistant cloth jacket
ABS bedside table
Optional ABS bedside table or plastic steel bedside table, the color and the bed are coordinated as a whole

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