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SFD-814 Bedside Cabinet
Specifications Dimensions: length 480mm, width 480mm, height 760mm, color optional
Height of bed body:
Height 760mm
01 /
product material
New ABS reinforced plastic
Adopting all-plastic structure, brand-new ABS reinforced plastic, one-time injection molding, light weight, elegant appearance, strong, aging resistance, fade resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy to clean
Product configuration

Invisible design
Equipped with invisible design of a pull plate, a drawer, and a drawer
Card slot
The height of the partition in the cabinet is adjustable, and there is a slot for placing a kettle in the cabinet
Towel rail
Towel hangers on both sides
Two inch luxury universal wheel
The bottom of the cabinet can be equipped with 4 two-inch luxurious universal wheels, which can be moved at will, with brakes, and good stability

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