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SFD-902B Micro Slide Cabinet
Specifications: H1440mm×W515mm×D480mm Single section specifications: (H360mmX515mmX480mm)
Product Features
The Micro slide cabinet is one of the most important equipment in the pathology laboratory. The wax block cabinet, also known as embedding cassette storage cabinet, wax block storage cabinet, tissue wax block file cabinet, is mainly used for the storage, inspection and re- Cut and follow-up immunohistochemical sections.
The wax block cabinet has beautiful appearance, advanced technology, practicality and complete functions; it is the first choice of safety equipment for pathologists.
One group has 4 sections, each section has 5 drawers, and each group can store about 14,500-15,000 pieces. The cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled plates. The surface of the cabinet is degreasing and degreasing, surface adjustment, pickling, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic powder spraying, durable and beautiful.

Bedside table parameters:
H1440mm×W515mm×D480mm single section specifications: (H360mmX515mmX480mm)
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product material
High quality cold rolled carbon steel sheet
The cabinet body is made of 0.8mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is processed by laser and numerical control equipment. The surface is processed by nine stations including automatic assembly line derusting, degreasing, pickling, and water washing.
Surface electrostatic spray
The surface of the cabinet is treated by electrostatic spraying with eleven stations, and the top package side process, the overall beautiful and generous.
Automatic homing
The drawer is stamped and formed by the latest conjoined slide mold and has an automatic return function.
Heavy load
The large load capacity is effortless and easy to use.
Product configuration

High-strength pulley
The starting point is equipped with high-strength pulleys, and the drawer pushes and pulls smoothly. At the same time, it prevents the drawer from being pulled out too long and accidentally falling.
High elastic cushion
It is also equipped with a high-elastic shock-absorbing pad, which can reduce the collision with the cabinet when the drawer is closed, and reduce the noise to a minimum.
Exquisite aluminum alloy clasp
The label slot is integrally stamped and formed, with high-quality and exquisite aluminum alloy clasp.
20 drawers
Each group has 4 sections, each section has 5 drawers, each draw is divided into 14 compartments, a total of 20 drawers.
201 stainless steel 80mm height foot
The bottom can be equipped with 201 stainless steel 80mm height foot, which is easy to clean and prevent corrosion.
In line with national standards
All technical features are implemented in accordance with national standards and comply with national standards.

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