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SFD-933 Transfusion Chair
Product Features
product description
Material: The main body is made of 201 stainless steel or steel material. The cushion is made of high imitation leather and high elastic sponge.
Uses: used in the infusion room.

transfusion chair specifications size
700*1100*1150mm length can be customized according to actual size
01 /
Barrier-free design, rounded edges and rounded corners
The barrier-free design of hospital furniture pays attention to and pays attention to the special needs of disadvantaged groups such as the disabled and the elderly. It is not only designed for the psychological needs of users, but also to provide users with the greatest possible convenience. Rounding the right corners of the table can reduce unnecessary accidental injuries, and the curved surface treatment at the end of the armrest conforms to the curve of the palm of a person's hand. Although these do not seem to have much to do with the rounded corners, they are more like an extension of the rounded corners, and the function is also to cushion human contact.
Safety Introduction
New era medical office furniture, dedicated to giving each user a safe and comfortable experience.
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