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SFD-X002 Medicine Cabinet
Specification: 1850*900*250/400mm
Product Features
Structure: The cabinet body is disassembled and assembled, the upper section opens the glass door, the lower section opens the iron door, the middle 304 stainless steel table top, the table bottom two drawers
Packing volume: 1880*920*100mm
Package weight: 52kg

Medicine cabinet parameter:
Specification: 1850*900*250/400mm
01 /
product material
High quality cold rolled carbon steel sheet
The cabinet body is made of 0.8MM cold-rolled plate, which is precision-crafted by a moulded sheet metal assembly line, with high compressive strength, impact resistance and resistance to deformation. After the surface is acid-washed and phosphated, it is sprayed with Akzo green environmental protection medical powder.
Stainless steel high quality 1.2mm bright tube
The stainless steel part is made of 0.8MM thick high-quality 304 stainless steel.
High-quality slide
Drawer with three-section buffer type high-quality slide rail
Wangtong lock
Doors and panels are equipped with China's well-known trademark Wangtong lock, stainless steel panel clasp is beautiful and generous
Safety Introduction
New era medical office furniture, dedicated to giving each user a safe and comfortable experience.
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