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SFD-903 Rotating Medicine Shelf
Overall specifications: φ930×H2000×8 layers; layer spacing; 240mm, can also be adjusted as needed
Product Features
Function: The medicine tray is inclined at an angle of 18 degrees, and the medicine can slide freely. There is no medicine expiration. The medicine has strong storage, which is clear at a glance, easy to operate, fast access, improve work efficiency, and can effectively avoid errors, and has strong practicability
Packing: Packed in three pieces. 1. The main body plate is packed in a carton with a size of 925*925*625, a volume of 0.55 square, and a weight of 91 kg; 2. The diameter of the disc base is 650mm, and the weight is 36 kg. 3. A stainless steel vertical rod with a volume of 50. Round 1900mm long, weight 3.5 kg

Rotating medicine rack parameters:
Overall specifications: φ930×H2000×8 layers; layer spacing; 240mm, can also be adjusted as needed
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product material
High quality cold rolled carbon steel sheet
The main body is made of Baosteel's high-quality cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of 1mm, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with a special matt white for medical treatment. The color can also be customized according to needs;
Stainless steel high quality 1.2mm bright tube
The column is made of 304 stainless steel high-quality 1.2mm bright tube, which is firm and reliable, durable and anti-rust, high in smoothness, and beautiful in appearance; the middle shaft adopts a bearing design to rotate more flexibly
3mm thick PV panel
The label frame is made of 3mm thick PV board, which is beautiful and elegant. Adjustable feet are used under the chassis to make the medicine rack stable.
Safety Introduction
New era medical office furniture, dedicated to giving each user a safe and comfortable experience.
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