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SFD-OP01 Hydraulic Electric Operating Table
Dimensions: 2020*550*590-1020mm
Product Features
Product Parameter
1. The low position and long lifting distance provide sufficient space to use with the C-shaped arm;
2. A built-in emergency power supply is equipped to ensure that the operating table can work normally when the mains supply is cut off.
3. The built-in waist bridge is electrically lifted to facilitate the adjustments of various positions required by lumbar, spinal and other surgeries;
4. The mattress made of memory foam is corrosion resistant, acid & base resistant, breathable, and easy to clean;
5. The leg boards are detachable and can be extended outward to facilitate gynecological and urological surgeries;
6. The one-key reset function can return the operating table back to the horizontal zero position by just pressing one key;
7. One-key flexion and reverse flexion The waist bridge position can be easily realized to meet the need of biliary and kidney surgeries;
8. The hydraulic system is started by one-key oil cylinder startup, which is safe and stable;
9. Locking by electric brake;
10. The movement of the operating table is controlled by two independent systems, a hand controller and a column panel, to provide stable and accurate operation, which are easy to operate, safe and reliable;

11. The main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel and has a rectangular base composed of high-strength cast iron and aluminum alloy that is strong and rigid to ensure the stability of the
operating table;
12. The side rails are made of stainless steel according to international standard size, which can be installed and used with various accessories;
13. The operating table is equipped with a built-in battery to ensure normal use of the device in case of a power failure.

Parameters of Hydraulic Electric Operating Table:
01 /
Product configuration

Angle of reclining in front of the bed
Forward ≥25°, Backward ≥25°
The angle of the bed surface
Left tilt ≥20°, right tilt ≥20°
Headboard turning angle (manual)
Fold up≥30°, Fold down≥60°
Leg turning angle (manual)
Down fold ≥90°, Abduction ≥90°
Backboard turning angle
Fold up≥80°, Fold down≥30°
Built-in waist bridge lifting stroke
One-button buckling anti-buckling
V-shaped posture: ≤100°, reverse V-shaped posture: ≤220°
220V±10% ,50Hz

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