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Safety Medical Technology: How to choose a nursing bed?

Time: 2020-09-15 16:41:33
Brief introduction: Safety Medical Technology Co., Ltd. shares with you what issues you need to pay attention to when choosing a nursing bed, so that you can choose a nursing bed suitable for patients with different needs.
The nursing bed provides help for the elderly who need to stay in bed for a long time or patients who need care in terms of posture adjustment, reading and learning, and communication with others. It also allows personal privacy to be protected and life to be more convenient. burden. Safeford Medical Technology Co., Ltd. shares with you what issues you need to pay attention to when choosing a nursing bed, so that you can choose a nursing bed suitable for patients with different needs.

1. Practical nursing bed
Practical nursing beds are divided into intelligent electric and manual. Manual nursing beds are more suitable for short-term patient care needs. Intelligent electric nursing beds are suitable for people who are bedridden and have limited mobility, which not only greatly reduces the burden of nursing staff And, more importantly, the intelligent electric nursing bed can be controlled and adjusted at any time according to your needs, which greatly improves the comfort and convenience of life and also increases the patient's confidence in life.

2. Safe and stable nursing bed
Suitable for people with limited mobility and long-term bed rest, Safety Medical puts forward higher requirements for the safety and stability of bed production. Users must check the registration certificate and production license of the product in the Food and Drug Administration when purchasing to ensure the safety of the nursing bed.

3. Intelligent electric nursing bed
The intelligent electric nursing bed applies microelectronic technology to the nursing bed through high and new technology, and advances in the direction of remote control, automatic, light and digital. Whether it is practical or operable, it is superior to manual nursing beds, but the price is higher, and it can be done within the time of purchase. Nursing beds produced by Safety have multi-function modules. According to the patient's own conditions and needs, suitable functional modules can be selected to not only provide better quality care, but also significantly reduce unnecessary consumption costs for patients.

4. Turnover, orthopedics special function nursing bed
The turn-over nursing bed can realize the functions of lifting back and raising legs, and is suitable for the rehabilitation nursing of the elderly in the fracture recovery period and the long-term bedridden elderly, and can also meet the needs of the elderly for sleep and daily life.
Safety Medical Electric Nursing Bed realizes a comfortable posture as a bed-seat. It can not only lie flat and bend legs, but also can turn around left and right to prevent bedsores from forming, which greatly facilitates the nursing staff to wipe the patient's back. Therefore, when choosing, you can also choose the intelligent nursing bed according to your own preferences!

5. The advantages of nursing beds are also shown in:
1. Movable function, suitable for elderly multi-functional nursing bed, with toilet, hair washing and foot washing devices, these devices are convenient for the elderly to clean the body and care of toilet.
2. With lifting function, it is convenient for the elderly to get on and off the bed and reduce the nursing intensity of nursing staff.
3. With a booster device, it is convenient for the elderly to get up or get out of bed.

In life, is the price of nursing bed the more expensive the better? Safety Medical Technology tells you that this view is actually incorrect. Although the price is our first consideration, it is the key to choose a nursing bed that is more suitable for the patient's own use, not only can it greatly increase the patient's confidence in life It also has to take into account the mental health and physical recovery of the patient.