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What should families pay attention to when choosing medical beds?

Time: 2020-02-29 18:37:45
Brief introduction: How to buy medical furniture? What are the purchase criteria?
In China's medical furniture consumer market, any product has great tolerance. With the upgrade of consumption and the development of network information, consumers each take what they need. The principle is to only choose the right one and not buy the expensive one.

So, how to buy medical furniture? What are the purchase criteria?

Price: Unlike other products, medical furniture development and sales of domestic furniture are the most affordable. Compared with other product attributes and tens of thousands of foreign medical beds and other equipment, domestic medical furniture is relatively cheap. Compared with ordinary households, "cash for a penny" is the price of medical beds and supporting facilities for civilians. It is a quality guarantee to choose a large factory and a long establishment period.

Especially for enterprise users, the goods and professionalism of major manufacturers are the key to selection, and the after-sales and related standards of steel products are to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a company.

Wooden: Solid wood medical furniture is best used. Although solid wood medical furniture has many advantages, due to the fact that solid wood furniture often appears to be sub-optimal, the relative relevance of wooden during use is poor. The purchase should be compared with steel medical furniture.

Steel: Steel homes have better speed and durability. At the same time, more extensions in function are not possible with wood products. The mobility is strong and the probability of being affected by the environment is relatively small. Some big domestic brands such as Safety Medical Many medical beds developed by Germany are steel products, and medical institutions are mainly steel products. Including electric beds, manual beds, automatic turning beds, medical care vehicles, stainless steel medical equipment cabinets, medical records vehicles, bedside cabinets and peripheral equipment, etc. The scope of use includes hospitals, welfare institutions, and home care.