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SFD-898A Double Side Medicine Shelf
Specification size 800*880*1980mm
Product Features
product description
1. The main frame, 2 top plates, 8 pallets, 2 bottom plates, both the pallets and the bottom plate can be used to place items, the usable area is large, and the medicines are clearly placed; it can be hung flat at 90 degrees, or 70 to 90 Hang obliquely between degrees, and the spacing of each pallet can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation.
2. Single-layer load-bearing >110KG, there are reinforced slats under each pallet, and 1.3mm thick diagonal hanging walls are used on both sides, which can effectively strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the pallet.
3. Detachable packaging is convenient for transportation, and installation is simple and convenient.
4. The distance between each layer is 370mm, and layers can be added as needed.

Parameters of double-sided medicine tray rack:
Specification size 800*880*1980mm
01 /
product material
High quality cold rolled carbon steel sheet
The column is made of high-quality carbon steel 40*40 square tube, the wall thickness of the tube is "1.5mm; the wall is made of 1.3mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate for strong bearing capacity; the support plate, the top plate, and the bottom plate are 0.8mm thick high-quality cold-rolled plate; the connecting piece is adopted The 2.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is strong and durable. The bottom feet are designed with adjustable feet, so that the medicine tray is placed stably.
Antibacterial powder coating
After degreasing and rust removal, the whole group is coated with double phosphating + electrostatic antibacterial powder. SGS international standard coating treatment; the powder has passed the inspection and certification of provincial institutions, is resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, fading, and effectively extends the practical life.
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