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SFD-OP02 Side-control type Mechanical Operating Table
Dimensions: 2020*550*590-1020mm
Product Features
Product Parameter
1. Both sides of the operating table are equipped with a back board adjusting hand wheel and a leg board manipulating hand wheel, so that the positions of the back board and the leg board can be manipulated whether the operator is on the left or right side of the operating table;
2. A side-tilting adjustment crank 7 for leftward or rightward tilting of the operating table and a waist board adjustment crank 6 for manipulation of the waist board are on the right side of the operating table;

3. The forward-backward tilting adjustment crank to manipulate the forward and backward tilting of the operating table is on the right side and the crank also can be removed and installed on the left side;

4. The lifting of the operating table is adjusted by the oil pump structure. When leaving the factory, the oil in the imported hydraulic pump is pumped out and filled in a barrel and the pump cannot be lifted, so the user needs to slowly add the oil in the oil barrel using a funnel into the oil pump (the tubing and funnel can be taken out only after the oil is all filled into the pump). When lifting the table top, the pedal of the oil pump can be continuously pressed for lifting and the table top will stop automatically once it reaches the highest point. When lowering the table top, the foot pedal of the oil pump can be pressed to the lowest position and the table can be lowered slowly;

5. The table base is equipped with rotating casters to facilitate movement. Controlled by a landing unit, the bed is fixed or moved using the same pedal. When the landing pedal is pressed down, the rotating casters in the base are lowered and the base is lifted up and then the table can be pushed to move; when the pedal is released, the table will be landed and fixed.

Product configuration

Backward angle of table top
Forward ≥55° Backward ≥35°
Tilt angle of table top
Forward ≥25° Backward ≥25°
Backboard turning angle
≥85° ≤10°
Lumbar lift
Fold the footboard
Lower turn ≥ 90 °
Oil pump stroke
Head plate (275×310mm)
Can be folded up and down 90° to extend or unload

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