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SFD-F103B Pediatric Bed
Specifications External dimensions: length 1900mm, width 900mm, height 650/1260mm
Product Features
Product parameter
Product model: SFD-F103B
1. Specifications and dimensions: length 1900mm, width 900mm, height 650/1260mm
2. Function
2.1 A set of joysticks: hidden design, with posture lifting logo pasted to make the operation clear at a glance. Firm and flexible, no noise, easy operation; can flexibly adjust the angle of the patient's back and legs.
2.2 Back tilt angle 0~75±5°
2.3 Bearing weight: ≥200kg; the back bed surface adopts double support structure, which is firm and firm. The double supports are stamped and formed by cold steel plates to strengthen the bearing capacity of the back plate. The rocker is less stressed, making it easier, flexible and safer to shake
2.4 The side guardrail is fully enclosed, which can effectively prevent the patient from sliding down, the gas spring assists in height adjustment, and is easy to use. Cartoon style decoration.
2.5 There are 4 drip holder holes at the front and back of the bed frame, and 4 urine drainage bag hooks on both sides of the bottom of the bed frame. The drip holder can be placed at the bottom of both sides of the bed frame when not in use.
3. Material
3.1 The bed frame is made of high-quality carbon steel pipe 60*30*1.5mm, double beam structure, stable and strong
3.2 The head and tail of the bed are made of high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel pipe 50*50X1.5mm
3.3 Sundries rack support tube is high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel tube 40*20*1.2mm
3.4 Cartoon plastic bed head, one-time blow molding
3.4 The bed panel is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by one-time punching and forming, and the thickness of the plate is greater than 1.0mm. The movable joint of the back bed board adopts a double support and unloading structure, and the supporting and rotating shaft is a high-quality seamless steel pipe Φ32*3.0mm

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