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SFD-G08 Stainless Steel Infant Bed
Specifications External dimensions: length 1900mm, bed width 830mm
Product Features
Product parameter
SFD-G08 Crib
1. Specifications and dimensions: length 1900mm, bed width 830mm, standard bed height 525mm/1150.
2. The bed weight: ≧240kg.
3. The guardrail is made of high-quality stainless steel with a diameter of Ø25*1.0mm through shearing, bending and welding. It is strong and firm. The welding seam is polished and polished seven times to make it reach the original color. The surface is smooth and seamless. It is easy to clean and does not deform and pull. The design is convenient for patients to use on demand. The guardrail is raised 490mm above the bed surface, which can effectively place the patient to fall from the side of the bed, and the guardrail falls slightly higher than the bed surface to prevent the mattress from slipping.
4. The bed frame is formed by stamping and forming of 60*30*1.2mm thick stainless steel square tube, which is welded by argon arc welding, which is strong and firm. The weld seam is polished and polished seven times to achieve the original color, and the surface is smooth and seamless, and easy to clean. It is not deformed, and the outer side of the head and tail of the bed is equipped with an extended dual-purpose medical record card slot, and patient information can use medical record cards of different sizes.
5. Bed surface: The board is made of 30*30*1.0 and 30*15*0.8mm thick high-quality stainless steel plate tubes, stamped and welded. It is easy to breathe and has anti-slip function.
6. The bed head is made of high-quality stainless steel pipes with a thickness of Ø38*1.2mm and a high-quality stainless steel pipes with a thickness of Ø25*1.0mm, which are formed by a pipe bending machine and then welded by argon arc. The curved design is beautiful and generous, and the entire bed head has been spot-polished. After reaching a uniform color, ensure the surface corrosion resistance.
7. There are 2 drip holder sockets on the left and right sides of the bed, and the overall welding technology is advanced. The distance from the ground is 63cm, which is convenient for clinical inspection operation and sanitation.
8. Under the bed body longitudinally, adding connecting rods can effectively increase the stability of the whole bed.

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