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SFD-OP03 Gynecological Operation Examination Table
Dimensions: 1240*600*730-1000mm(±20)
Product Features
Product Parameter

The electrical pull-out gynecological operating table is manufactured according to the market needs by introducing and referencing foreign advanced technology and the shape of the table is designed according to human body functions and has a beautiful appearance; a comprehensive operating table used for gynecological examination and diagnosis, childbirth, emergency caesarean delivery and other purposes.
1. The table top is made of high-quality carbon plastic plate with an excellent sealability and the surface is polished for impact resistance, scratch prevention, abrasion resistance and disinfection resistance and is easy to clean, which fully meets the need for post-operative disinfection;
2. Complete accessories and perfect functions. It’s equipped with: back board, armrest board, leg support, dirt basin, leg-rest auxiliary table, anesthetic screen rack and other accessories;
3. The table can be equipped with hand or foot control to direct its movement;
4. The built-in pull-out leg-rest auxiliary table is convenient for storage;
5. The table body is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which has great load-bearing capacity and is sterilization-resistant and easy to clean;
6. The mattress is made of memory foam and can effectively relieve the pressure points of patients;
7. Medical brakes are equipped to facilitate the movement and immobilization of the table.
8. The operating table is equipped with a built-in battery to ensure normal use of the device in case of a power failure.

Parameters of Hydraulic Electric Operating Table:
01 /
Product configuration

Lifting distance of bed surface
UP Folding angle of back panel
DOWN Folding angle of back panel
Auxiliary table size
Length and width of auxiliary table
Low 730 (±20) mm---1000 (±20) mm (MANUAL Crank)
220V±10% ,50Hz

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